When I first started working with kin families, I  would perform a home study and complete their certification, they were then handed off to another worker. This disconnect always weighed heavily on my heart.

I believe these children and families need consistency during these difficult times. Knowing someone is walking along side you can make a world of difference. 

Kin Connect was created to do just that. It was founded on the idea of supporting generational healing and growth. We support foster/kinship families with purposeful intent to do better.

there is growth when we are loved and have positive, consistent, healthy relationships.

What we do

1. Maintain healthy birth family connections for youth in, out of home placement. We work with the treatment team to identify, promote, and support these connections as deemed appropriate and safe. 

2. Prevent further services or disrupted placements by assessing each family's needs and addressing them directly. We focus on building and maintaining  relationships with each family indefinitely. 

3. Help children break the cycle. We do this by equipping caregivers with the necessary tools and resources to create the best possible situation. 

Kin connect has three main goals: