Kin Connect is a child placement agency, created to encourage and aid in generational healing and growth.


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hi, I'M rebekah! 

I've been working in the child welfare system for over 15 years and have seen the struggles that kinship/foster parents face. 

There is a gap between children that get displaced from their homes, to their foster/kinship parents. I am here to stand in that gap. To walk along side both child and foster parent as they navigate this new territory.  

Holding space for kinship parents has allowed for connection and growth during the time when they need to be heard. 

Creating Kin Connect has allowed me to put together resources, frameworks, and support systems to help those who are struggling to piece together this new life. This is not a path you need to walk alone.


"Kin Connect has been such a blessing to our family while becoming a kinship home. The process was overwhelming and not very clear until we found Kin Connect. Rebekah has since helped the process become clear, easy, and enjoyable. The support we receive daily is unmatched in adjusting to our new normal. Thank you Kin Connect for guiding us with so much patience and kindness!"

Dan & hollie

"We were referred to Rebekah by our caseworker. From day one she has been helpful, kind and informative about the home study process. She answered any and all questions we had and helped us feel knowledgeable about what was happening. We would recommend her to anyone going through a home study." 

The Merrills

bill & Emily 

"Having Rebekah in our lives has been more than a service. She has gone over and beyond her call of duty.  My husband and I had our whole world disrupted and everything changed overnight. We tried our best to stay calm in the midst of some very upsetting news, that our daughter was no longer able to take care of her 5 children. We had to step in and do our very best for everyone involved, but most especially the children. When Rebekah stepped in, I felt the weight of so many of my worries relieved.

She is such a perfect fit for this service. She has lent me her listening ear and heart. There have been times when I just needed to talk to someone who would understand my sadness and frustrations. Rebekah has been there for us, her experience and the quality person that she is has been more than I could have ever asked for. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to Thank~you."


"Wonderful woman! I am so very happy you were my go to during my foster care adventure. So blessed to have the family I do because of your work. Blessed beyond words." 

I am very thankful for Rebekah and Kin Connect. I myself was a foster child and I have wanted to become a foster parent for quite some time. Rebekah has been very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I am very glad that I can pay it forward and take kiddos in and provide what they need.


It's not about paperwork and checking off boxes at the end of the day with Kin Connect . . . it's about the kiddos and the placement homes.  So glad we switched agencies


I think Kin Connect is great! The people that run it are right on board with what ever we need. Anything from getting our baby a crib to whatever else they need. Tina is always on top of getting my paper work from me and working around my job hours. She is just a joy to have come to our house. She always has the information I need. If it was not for Kin Connect I don’t know what I would be doing or how I would be doing it! They make me want to help other kids out there beside just my nephew, that is currently in my care. I love how they try to get the kids back to their families, and help them get to class. All around we love everything Kin Connect does.


Where should I start . . . when we first started this process Rebekah was our point of contact. Let me just say that she has been so comforting, helpful, and understanding. We are so lucky to have her on our side. Then we met Janis for our CPR training and let me tell you she was very intimidating. But then we found out that she was going to be our Kin Connect manager. Janis is also just as amazing as Rebekah. We are so happy when she comes over and helps us understand things (because this is all new to us). Janis knows how to calm us during storms and we love and appreciate all you guys do. 


My husband, myself, and my family had no idea what we were agreeing to and what all a foster placement entailed. We feel like we were blessed with Janis as our caseworker and have no doubt we could not have made it the duration without her.
Not only was she extremely knowledgeable about the process, but she was always there to help us understand and navigate through the various processes. Janis was our counselor, therapist, advisor, minister, listener, problem solver, and just a stand-up person who never wavered. We leaned on her heavily and she never hesitated in her support. Through this all Janis has become our friend whom we will always hold in the highest regard.  

Matt + Beth